Spanish Voice Over Talent (Castilian/European Spanish)

My name is David Rodriguez.
I am a dubbing actor and voice over freelance from Madrid (Spain) and I want to be the voice of your new project.
You are in the right place if you need:
  • □ A young adult voice with 15 to 45 years old range voice
  • □ A commercials voice talent for any kind of target
  • □ A corporate videos voice over
  • □ An off-screen voice for documentaries
  • □ A videogames dubbing actor, movies, tv shows
  • □ A voice for any kind of audiovisual marketing actions
Spanish Voice Over Talent Online David Rodriguez
You choose

From my recording studio

I own a professional audio recording studio in Madrid (Spain) from where I can record all the voice overs you need: radio commercials, TV spots, corporate videos, Internet,…

From your usual studio

If you usually work with local market producers and recording studios I can go there without any problem. Only tell me where it is and I will get it (always fast and never furious)
Contratar locutor profesional

To hire an european spanish voice over never was so easy

Voice Over & Dubbing

My voice in some voice over works and demos

Commercial | Spotify
Commercial | BBVA
Commercial | Phone House
Informatie | FECAM
Dubbing | Videogames
Child Voice
Dubbing | Videogames


Public Corporate | Banco Mediolanum
Internet Commercial | BBVA Open Talent
Spot TV | Yuppa
Public Corporate | Logisfashion
Documentary voice over | Demo
Spot TV | Sticky Animals
Videogames dubbing | Demo
Public Corporate | Farmaforum
Promo TV | Demo


What I can do for you

Dubbing actor

Dubbing actor

Voice acting and syncing dubbing videogames, movies, tv shows, documentaries, coporate videos...

Voice over talent online

Voice Over

Commercials , radio, TV, Internet, screen-off , corporate videos, smartphone´s apps, ...

Recording, mixing & producing

Recording, mixing & producing

Your project with the best quality.
Do you need music? No problem at all!

Your voice over in less than 24 hours

In only 24h!

My work is as urgent as your project is. Get the voice over for your radio commercial, spot, corporate video... in 24h!

Tell me about your project
Once the quote was approved send me your text/copy and I´ll begin to work
In less than 24 hours you will receive the voice over!
It will sound as good as this:

Voice Over Ratecard


Radio Commercials

Internet Radio Commercials

TV Spots

Internet Spots

Corporate Private

Corporate Public

Documentary Screen-Off


The rates vary according to

the project´s lenght and/or kind of broadcasting.


For UE VAT companies Reverse Charge Mechanism will be applied











I want a personalized quote!


Information and hiring

Quote without compromise or for any other information contact me.
I will answer in a few minutes

+34 611 081 243 |

Your data will not be added to any database so you will not receive spam


Some brands I work for

Locuciones profesionales Phone House España
Spotify España
Locutor Voz BBVA Open Talent España
Voz publicidad nacional emitida en Antena 3 - Atresmedia
Locuciones Profesionales Clesa
Locuciones Profesionales Zeppelin TV España
Voz HTC España
Voz cuñas emitidas en Los 40 Principales
Commercial Voice Over Telefonica
OIT Global KSP
Voz ADP Group España
Cuñas emitidas en M80 Radio
Doblaje YouTube España
Cuñas publicitarias emitidas en Cadena 100
Safilo Group
Las Dunas Tennis Club
Locutor ePayMe Grupo Seres
Voz en off Cortometraje 'Martes'
formación interna Cocinas Schmidt España
Cuñas emitidas en Cadena Ser
Spot Yuppa España
Locuciones profesionales Diputación de Alicante
Voz FECAM España
Locutor Banco Mediolanum
Locutor Español Audioguía Museo de la Inmigración Gdynia Polonia
Doblaje Hatch Early Learning
Locutor Español spot TV infantil Sticky Animals
corporativo Logisfashion
corporativo UL Underwrites Laboratories
corporativo BSH
Actor Narrador Audiolibros Storytel
Locutor Castellano para Ultimate Ears
Rafael de la Hoz Arquitectos
Locutor España ManpowerGroup
Locutor Knauf
Corporate Voice Over Autobuses Grupo Lat
Voice Over Axontec RO2Sport Titan